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If you want to work on a cruise ships and submitted an application or resume to each cruise line you probably received no response as cruise lines receive thousands of applications every week, serious applicants were left with no options until now. SIDC Group offers position specific vocational course for individuals seeking shipboard employment with the top cruise lines sailing modern mega-liners.

The cruise industry is advancing faster than any other travel segment. Over 100 cruise ships are currently deployed world wide and an additional 50 modern cruise ships are scheduled to be built in the decade. Every new cruise ship deployed creates normally creates over one thousand new vacancies and opportunities.

Join the best, travel and expand your horizons!


Registration procedure for course:
Entry to the courses is made in on-line mode by filling out a questionnaire or sending the necessary documentation to e-mail. Once you sign up, you get an e-mail with admission to the 1st Online Module.

Knowledge test:
Final testing takes place at the end of the 2 Modules and all necessary documents are submitted. Includes written and oral part (interview) and lasts about an hour.

How to record for the course:
The recording is only on-line, after registration you receive an automatic e-mail with payment details. The record is considered to be finalized only after filling a questionnaire and confirmation of the terms.
The access will be sent to email within 3 working days. No refunds are made.
The cost: 80 Euro.

Course participant responsibilities
Read and remember all provided information, including PDF attachments and video files.

For additional information, please call +371 22 55 3335 (WhatsUp)